2015-16 Pomona College Catalog 
    Oct 04, 2023  
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Environmental Analysis Major

Requirements for the Major in Environmental Analysis

The major consists of three sets of requirements:

  1. Three introductory core courses:
  1. A track: There are two tracks for the EA major. A student must select one in which to develop a course plan:
    • Environmental Science Track
    • Society and Development Track

There are two options for course plan development within each of the tracks: (a) select a pre-designed course plan (see below), or (b) design your own course plan, including seven but not exceeding 11 courses total in addition to the core and capstone courses. Individually designed course plans must show depth in some foundational discipline or set of closely related disciplines, and must be cleared and approved by the EA Major Steering Committee.

  1. Senior Capstone (both courses are required):
    • The senior thesis, to be completed in the fall of senior year (EA 191 PO )
    • The senior seminar, to be completed in the spring (EA 190 PO 

Pre-approved Track Plans:

1. Environmental Science Track

(Advisor: Marc Los Huertos)

  • Three-course EA introductory core (see above)
  • One introductory Biology course (BIOL 040 PO BIOL 041E PO , BIOL 044L KS )
  • Introductory Chemistry ((CHEM 001A PO  and CHEM 001B PO ) or CHEM 051 PO )
  • Introductory Statistics
  • One course from Physical Geography (EA 055L KS ) or any course from the Pomona Introductory Geology series (GEOL020)
  • One course from Food, Land and the Environment (EA 085 PO ), Ecology of Inland Waters (EA 173L PO), Principles of Soil Science (EA 103L KS ), Physical Geography (EA 055L KS ) (if not already taken to satisfy the major), Global Science Change (EA 100L KS ), or Oceanography (EA 104 KS )
  • Five courses from upper division science courses within a single department, not including any course or general topical area listed above
  • Senior Capstone (see above)  

2. Environment and Society Concentration

(Advisor: Bowman Cutter or Char Miller)

  • Three-course EA introductory core (see above)
  • Select one of the pre-approved course plans (see below)
  • Senior Capstone (see above)

Other Pre-approved Course Plans:

Please contact the Pomona College Environmental Analysis coordinator for additional course plans or contact the faculty listed below for pre-approved course plans.

In Environmental Science:

Environmental Analysis in Geology (Mr. Los Huertos)
Environmental Biology (Mr. Los Huertos or Ms. Karnovsky)
Environmental Chemistry (Mr. Taylor)
Environmental Physics and Engineering (Mr. Tanenbaum)
Mathematical Issues for Environmental Analysis (Mr. Chandler)

In Society and the Environment:

Environmental Economics (Mr. Cutter)
Sustainability and the Built Environment (Mr. Miller)
Values and the Environment (Ms. Davis)
Environmental Justice: Race, Class, Gender and the Environment (Ms. Kassam or Ms. Davis)

Note: students wishing to major in environmental policy should contact the Public Policy Analysis Program , which presently hosts this course plan as the Public Policy/Environmental Analysis Major.