2021-22 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jun 25, 2022  
2021-22 Pomona College Catalog


Professor Lynn Rapaport2, (FA21), department chair

Professor Hung Thai (SP22), department chair

Professors Rapaport2, Thai
Associate Professor Beck
Visiting Assistant Professors Hernandez-Medina, Yeritsian
Visiting Instructor Stefanos
Anne Tessier, academic coordinator


Sociology is the study of enduring configurations of social relations from the perspective that the group is the fundamental unit of human behavior. Sociology combines rigorous scientific investigation and broad theoretical reflection to understand the whole range of social life—from individual interactions and the behavior of groups to large-scale patterns in society and history across the entire world. The sociology major at Pomona College emphasizes social theory and research and culminates in a senior seminar during the fall semester in which students write a critical synthesis of sociological research on a topic of their choice. Students also have the option of completing a senior thesis in which they carry out an original research project under the direction of one or two faculty members. The department also offers a minor.


1On leave fall 2021 2On leave spring 2022 3On leave 2021-22


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