2021-22 Pomona College Catalog 
    May 19, 2024  
2021-22 Pomona College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG] Use the dropdown above to select the current 2023-24 catalog.

Special Programs and Opportunities

The Writing Center

The Pomona College Writing Center offers free one-on-one consultations to all students enrolled in Pomona College courses. The Writing Center teaches, supports and engages thoughtfully with writing through peer mentoring and workshops and is also developing new methods for supporting the development of oral and visual competencies in all Pomona students. As of Fall 2019, we have both Writing Partners and Speaking Partners on staff; our new Speaking Partners offer support in oral presentations, interview skills, leading seminar discussion, and navigating class discussions and participation.

The Writing and Speaking Partners are Pomona students—sophomores, juniors and seniors—majoring in subjects as varied as English, neuroscience, politics and religious studies. They are trained to work with writers and speakers at all levels and on assignments in any discipline. For more information, please see The Center page on the portal under the “Academics” tab.