2021-22 Pomona College Catalog 
    Apr 16, 2024  
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Special Programs and Opportunities

Study Abroad

Study Abroad Committee

Pomona College offers qualified students a variety of opportunities for study abroad. The Study Abroad Committee advises the Office of Study Abroad on policy matters; advises on program development, assessment and evaluation, with focus on curriculum integration; screens petitions for study abroad programs not currently authorized by the College; and evaluates applications for all study abroad programs. The committee consists of the Director of Study Abroad, the Dean of Students or an Associate Dean of Students, the Director of Oldenborg Center, the Registrar, four faculty members (one of whom is the Associate Dean of the College with responsibility for international initiatives), and two students who have participated in Pomona’s study abroad program. The four faculty members represent the three divisions of the college and foreign languages and literature.

Office of Study Abroad

The Office of Study Abroad was established in 1973 to develop, evaluate and supervise overseas programs that support the values of a liberal arts education. The office provides students with tools that will help them determine which program best suits their academic, cultural and personal goals. The office staff advises students throughout the study abroad process from program selection and the application, to their studies abroad and return to campus. Approximately one-half of each graduating class participates in a semester or year abroad. Students should refer to the Office of Study Abroad’s website for updated information.

Approved Programs

The College sponsors programs in Argentina, Australia, Belize, Cameroon, Chile, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, New Zealand, Russia, Rwanda, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tanzania and the United Kingdom. These programs vary in content and format and availability is subject to change. The range of subject matter reflects the particular opportunities and scholastic strengths available in each location. Language instruction is an integral part of the programs in foreign language countries.

Programs by Petition

In cases where no appropriate Approved Program exists, a student may request that the Study Abroad Committee approve a specific program on an ad-hoc basis. The applicant must convince the committee of the academic merit of the request to study on such a program based on the quality of the proposed overseas program and the student’s own background and academic goals.


The minimum and maximum allowable credit a student may receive for a semester abroad is four Pomona course credits. The evaluation process for work done abroad differs among Approved Programs and Programs by Petition. Credit for study abroad is determined by the Director of Study Abroad on the recommendation of the relevant overseas program director.

Application Procedures

All students who wish to study abroad and receive Pomona course credits must submit an application to the Study Abroad Committee for acceptance and approval during the semester before the proposed study abroad. Students can access the application from the corresponding program page in the online Study Abroad program brochure. The application must be submitted online by the mid-September deadline for spring programs and by the mid-February deadline for programs beginning in the fall. Some programs may have early deadlines.

Selection Criteria and Eligibility

Students must present evidence of the necessary academic strength, linguistic skills and special preparation in the area of the proposed course of study. They should make a persuasive case that the proposed program and destination are appropriate in terms of academic and cultural goals. They must also demonstrate the individual initiative and sense of responsibility necessary to complete the program abroad.

Competition may occur within the various programs since some have a limited number of spaces. It should be noted that some programs have specific course prerequisites and/or GPA requirements.

The student’s advisor must support the applicant and indicate that the proposed foreign study will advance and not impede progress toward the degree. Applicants are also asked to complete a form indicating how they expect to complete graduation requirements.

Students may study abroad as second-semester sophomores, juniors or first-semester seniors. First year students, first-semester sophomores and second-semester seniors are not generally eligible for study abroad. To be eligible to apply for or participate in programs abroad, students must be in good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing at Pomona College. Students who have been on leave status or who have withdrawn from the College must successfully complete one academic semester (fall or spring) of full-time coursework on campus before participating in a study abroad program.


Students accepted for study abroad programs are charged Pomona tuition, room and board. This amount covers the academic program fees abroad, room and board, a travel allowance toward round-trip international transportation between the student’s home city on record and the program site, and administrative costs incurred by Pomona for each semester. It may also cover a local transportation allowance, if specified by the program provider as necessary for commuting to and from class, as well as a reimbursement for a visa fee, if required for study. 

Students on financial aid normally receive their regular assistance while on a semester abroad.

Students who withdraw from a study abroad program after submitting the signed contract must notify the OSA in writing. The refund policy of the program provider will apply, and students will be liable for any unrecoverable expenses incurred on their behalf by Pomona College. Additionally, Pomona College will require repayment of any funds paid out directly to the student. A reduction in course load of an overseas program will not result in any adjustment in the semester’s fees as originally billed.