2017-18 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jun 23, 2024  
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First-year and Transfer Students

SAT and SAT Subject Test Scores. Students submitting results from the SAT for consideration as part of their application for first-year admission must additionally submit the results from two SAT Subject Tests, which are NOT in the same field. For example, students should not submit the results of both Math I and Math II, but rather should provide results showing work in a broader range of fields.

Pomona College requires that applicants submit all SAT scores from all test dates. The Admissions Committee will consider the highest section scores across all SAT test dates. Final admissions decisions will be made using your highest individual test scores.

With each test result submitted, Pomona College will update records with any new individual high scores and this can benefit candidates by allowing Pomona College to fully consider the application with the context of best testing performance.

Because the essay samples will be released only to official score recipients, applicants to the College must identify Pomona directly to the College Board to receive official test results.

Transfer students must submit either one sitting of the SAT or may submit ACT results. Students who have taken SAT Subject Tests must submit those results as well.

The ACT. Students may choose to submit the ACT (or the SAT with two SAT Subject Tests). Pomona College requires that candidates submit all ACT scores from all test dates. Consistent with the ACT standards for acceptable use of ACT test score, the Office of Admissions will record the test date reflecting the highest composite score. We will consider all sittings and having all test scores from all dates permits the Admissions Committee further consideration of peak or higher sub scores from other test dates as skill sets and performance are evaluated in our review process.

Although the writing examination remains optional on the new version of the ACT, we expect and recommend that students take the optional section and submit the results.

Candidates should be sure to identify Pomona as an official recipient for whichever tests are pursued so we can directly receive the results.

For more information, please view Pomona College’s Policy on Reporting Standardized Testing.