2017-18 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jun 25, 2024  
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Early Decision

When Pomona is the clear first choice, students are encouraged to apply under one of the Early Decision options. This may allow them to resolve their college choice earlier in the senior year. The deadline for applying for Early Decision I is Nov. 1, and candidates are notified by mid-December. The deadline for Early Decision II is January 1; candidates are notified by Feb. 15.

Students who apply to Pomona under an Early Decision option may not also apply for Early Decision at other colleges. As a “binding” decision between the College and the candidate, applicants admitted under Early Decision agree to withdraw all other applications, to initiate no new ones and to enroll at Pomona. Students who are unsure that Pomona is their first choice should apply under the Regular Decision schedule, for which the deadline is January 1.

An Early Decision applicant must file all of the materials described in the section Application Instructions for Freshman Candidates and indicate Early Decision on the application form and sign the Early Decision agreement. Financial Aid instructions for Early Decision candidates can be found in the financial aid brochure, Affordable Excellence, which is available online.

Early Decision candidates will receive one of three decisions:

  1. The candidate is admitted and is expected to enroll.
  2. The decision is deferred. These candidates will receive their final decisions with the Regular Decision applicants pending mid-year grades, additional testing information, supplementary writing samples or other information requested by the Admissions Committee.
  3. The application is denied. In these cases, the Admissions Committee’s decision is that the student would not be admitted in the Regular Decision group and would not benefit from further review.