2015-16 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jul 22, 2024  
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Special Programs and Opportunities

Pre-Professional Education


While students may apply successfully to graduate programs in business administration with any major, it is advisable to complete courses in economics, statistics, accounting, mathematics through calculus and have a good command of oral and written communication. Professional schools of business administration also view favorably any business-related work experience, including summer, part-time or full-time employment and volunteer work. Students interested in business should discuss their graduate plans with the pre-business advisor or members of the Economics faculty, visiting graduate-school representatives and the Career Development Office. Most schools require applicants to take the Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT), applications for which are available in the Career Development Office or from the Educational Testing Service.


Pre-Engineering Advisor: David Tanenbaum
Pre-Chemical Engineering Advisor: Chuck (Charles) Taylor

Students who plan to enter a professional engineering school, or who are thinking of a career in engineering or applied science, should arrange a program of study emphasizing the physical sciences and mathematics. When planning such a program, students are strongly urged to consult early in their first year with the engineering advisor; those specifically interested in chemical engineering should consult the chemical engineering advisor. For students who are prepared to commit to engineering early in their college careers, Pomona College offers a combined plan of study with the California Institute of Technology, Washington University in St. Louis, or Dartmouth College (described earlier in this section).

Law School

Prelaw Advisor: Susanne Mahony Filback

Law schools do not require any particular undergraduate concentration; they are interested in breadth of background, quality of work and the ability to write and speak with clarity and precision. Generally, most students find some work in politics, economics and history helpful. Students and alumni interested in law school should contact the Career Development Office or email the prelaw advisor directly at susanne.filback@pomona.edu to schedule an appointment.

Medicine and Allied Fields

Pre-Health Advisors: Richard Lewis, Amanda Taylor

Health profession schools do not require students to major in any particular area, but only that certain requirements be met. Students should major in the area of study that most appeals to them and reflects their interests. All potential applicants should have substantial volunteer, internship or paid experience in a health or human services setting by the time of application. For more information, please visit the Pre-Health Advising website.


Pre-professional Advisor for Education/Public School Teaching: Art Horowitz

Pomona College does not recommend candidates for teaching credentials; though undergraduate classes that may meet certain credential requirements are available to Pomona students through Claremont Graduate University (see Teacher Education Courses ). In California, a year of post-bachelor’s degree course work is required for the credential.