2013-14 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jan 25, 2022  
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French Minor

Requirements for a Minor in French

The minor in French requires six courses. For students who took FREN033 and/or FREN044 at The Claremont Colleges, these courses are among those that count toward the minor. Otherwise, six upper-division courses in French are required. FREN101 is highly recommended. Normally no more than three upper-division courses taken through Study Abroad in a French-speaking country count for the minor unless the student is there for an entire year.

In the second semester of the senior year, French minors are required to make a 10-minute informal presentation in French to French faculty, majors, and minors, on a topic of the students’ choice dealing with French or francophone literature or culture. This usually takes place in mid-April. Students must therefore have declared their minor by April 1 of their senior year and contacted the coordinator of the French Section about their intention to complete a minor, submitting the “Application for a Minor” form available on the Registrar’s website. Courses taken P/NC are not eligible for French minor credit.