2013-14 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jul 22, 2024  
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Admission to Pomona College

Pomona College admits a freshman class representing a broad range of interests, viewpoints, talents and backgrounds. The College has been coeducational from the beginning and its student body is comprised of an equal number of men and women. Pomona considers an ethnically, economically and geographically diverse student group to be an educational asset, and it actively encourages a mix of ideas, backgrounds and experiences in its student body.

Pomona attracts more qualified candidates than it can enroll, making it impossible to state a minimum record that will ensure admission. The strength of the high school program, the record of academic aptitude and achievement, and school recommendations are very important, as is the propensity to engage fully with peers and faculty. Special talents or experiences in science, music, drama, dance, art, journalism, athletics, community service and other fields, as well as evidence of originality, energy, motivation and leadership potential are also considered in the admissions process.

Students’ applications and supporting materials must present an accurate reflection of academic and personal traits on which the Admissions Committee can base its evaluation. If a high school transcript does not indicate the quality of performance for a large portion of the work (e.g., Pass/No Credit or ungraded courses), the applicant must submit other evidence for the Admissions Committee’s consideration of his or her ability and academic preparation. Students who have unusual academic backgrounds should consult the Office of Admissions about submitting other evidence of their readiness to undertake college work.

Financial need does not affect admissions decisions for U.S. citizens and permanent residents. The College seeks to enroll a number of students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Pomona College Board of Trustees adopted the following policy statement on admissions:

The future of the nation and humankind depends upon the quality of the education received by young people. Institutions such as Pomona College should prepare their graduates to lead lives of creative leadership and exemplary service.

For that reason, the Board of Trustees believes the College’s student body should be drawn from a pool composed of the most intellectually capable and academically committed collegebound students in the nation. From that pool, the College should select students for its entering classes who represent a rich cross-section of backgrounds, talents, experiences and perspectives, and who offer significant prospects for achievement and leadership at the College and after their graduation. This is essential to the creation of a lively and stimulating educational environment that will prepare graduates for life in a changing world.

The development of a student body, rich in talent and broad in its diversities, must be intentional and energetic. The College encourages applications from candidates around the world. It is the policy of the College to review admissions candidates who are United States citizens and permanent residents without regard to financial circumstances and to provide financial assistance for those who enroll to the extent of their demonstrated need.

Anyone interested in preparing for Pomona, or any school official who directs preparatory programs, is invited to contact the Office of Admissions for advice on specific programs and admissions procedures.

For more information, write, call or email the Office of Admissions, 333 N. College Way, Claremont, CA 91711; phone: (909) 621-8134; email: admissions@pomona.edu.