2022-23 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jun 25, 2024  
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Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Associate Professor Michael Green, program coordinator
Steering Committee: McWilliams Barndt, Brown, Dold, Green, Hollis-Brusky, Seery

Professors McWilliams Barndt3, Brown, Seery3
Associate Professors Green, Hollis-Brusky
Assistant Professor Dold3
Laurie Johnson, academic coordinator

The departments of Philosophy, Politics and Economics jointly offer a major in which students receive a foundation in the methods and issues of each discipline, combining normative sophistication with empirical grounding and institutional savvy. A PPE major learns to integrate knowledge of economic and political institutions with a broader vision of the goals and purposes of human society. PPE is excellent preparation for careers in law, business and public service and serves as a structured but flexible multidisciplinary program in the liberal arts for students who want a broader approach than is generally possible within a single department. The major in PPE is administered by a faculty committee representing the three disciplines.


1On leave fall 2022 2On leave spring 2023 3On leave 2022-23


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