2022-23 Pomona College Catalog 
    Mar 03, 2024  
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Philosophy, Politics and Economics Major

Requirements for the Major in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Courses taken for the major must be taken for a letter grade.

  1. Core courses
    1. Four courses in philosophy (PHIL), including:
      1. PHIL033 PO - Political Philosophy , or PHIL034 PO - Philosophy of Law  
      2. PHIL031 PO - Ethical Theory: Ancient to Early Modern , or PHIL032 PO - Ethical Theory: Contemporary PHIL035 PO - Well-being and Autonomy , or PHIL038 PO - Bioethics   
      3. PHIL040 PO - Ancient Philosophy , or PHIL042 PO - History of Modern Philosophy , or PHIL043 PO - Continental Thought  
      4. One additional course in philosophy 
    2. Four courses in politics (POLI), including:
      1. POLI003 PO - Introduction to American Politics , or POLI005 PO - Introduction to Comparative Politics , or POLI008 PO - Introduction to International Relations  
      2. POLI001A PO - Classical Political Theory , or POLI001B PO - Modern Political Theory  
      3. POLI033A PO - American Constitutionalism I: Structures of Power , or POLI033B PO - American Constitutionalism II: Rights and Liberties  
      4. One additional course in politics numbered POLI 010 PO  or above
    3. Four courses in economics (ECON)
      1. ECON051 PO - Principles: Macroeconomics  
      2. ECON052 PO - Principles: Microeconomics  
      3. ECON102 PO - Microeconomic Theory  
      4. One additional course in economics numbered ECON 101 PO  or above
  2. Depth of Study. Each student must complete two additional courses in a department of primary focus, either Philosophy, Politics or Economics. Students focusing on Economics who have not atken an approved course in statistics must take ECON 057 PO  as one of their two additional courses in Economics. Approved courses in statistics include POLI 090 PO , MATH 057 PO MATH 058 PO , or a similar course accepted by the program director.  
  3. Senior Exercise.
    1. PPE160 PO - Freedom, Markets and Well-Being  or PPE190 PO - Senior Seminar   
    2. PPE195 PO - Senior Exercise