2013-14 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jul 20, 2024  
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Molecular Biology

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Assistant Professor Maria Cristina Negritto, program coordinator
Steering Committee: Crane, Martinez2, Negritto, O’Leary

Professors Hoopes, Martinez2, O’Leary, Selassie, Seligman2, Telzer1
Associate Professors Cavalcanti1, Cheney, Crane, Johal3, Parfitt, Sazinsky1
Assistant Professors Olson, Liu
Director and Assistant Professor Negritto
Gail Sundberg, academic coordinator

Molecular biology is the study of biological macromolecules and the means by which they mediate the chemical processes of cells, regulate gene expression and define cell structure and function. This interdisciplinary major is supported by the departments of biology and chemistry and has been supported by grants from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Program faculty believe that the best way for students to learn molecular biology is to engage in investigative research. Students in the program have many opportunities to do so, from course laboratories to a required full-year experimental thesis project. It is also strongly recommended that molecular biology majors spend at least one summer working in a laboratory and program faculty try to provide a summer opportunity for all majors. The senior thesis work is presented as a written thesis and a final oral presentation in a molecular biology symposium. In many cases, original research undertaken by our students has led to publications in scientific journals. A minor in molecular biology is not offered.

1On leave Fall 2013 2On leave Spring 2014 3On leave 2013-14


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