2023-2024 Pomona College Student Handbook 
    Jul 25, 2024  
2023-2024 Pomona College Student Handbook

Dining Services Policies and Procedures

Dining Services

Students who live on campus are required to be on one of the meal plans offered by the College. The Pomona General Manager of Dining Services works with students to meet dining needs and preferences. Students may share with the General Manager their ideas, questions, and suggestions regarding the dining services at 909-607-9280.

Upon entrance to the College, every student is issued an official photo-ID card, which is encoded with information about the number of meals and Board Plus credits the student has purchased. Students are required to bring their student identification to all meals. All meals allow students to have as much food as they wish to eat and to return for seconds freely, except for special entrees that are offered occasionally throughout the year. Students who prefer to eat dinner while studying or working on a paper may take food out of the dining hall. An extra bagel, ice cream cone or piece of fruit may also be taken out of the dining hall as a snack. Dishes, glasses, trays, and silverware are not to be taken from the dining area. The loss of dishes and flatware increases the cost of the dining services for students. If a student is found to have taken these items from the dining halls on a consistent basis they could be charged with theft.

Students are required to wear shoes and shirts in the dining halls, and bathing suits are not acceptable. Pets that are not service animals are not allowed in the dining halls at any time. Students are not permitted to loan their ID/meal cards to others.

Meal/ID cards are valuable and should be treated like cash or credit cards. Lost meal/ID cards should be reported promptly to Housing and Residence Life in Sumner Hall.

Pack-out Food

Students may obtain food for meals eaten away from the dining halls. Students who are doing off-campus internships, spending the weekend at Halona or who are otherwise absent from meals will find this feature of the dining services convenient. Orders for food must be submitted 72 hours in advance by calling extension 79281, along with the names and meal card numbers of those for whom the pack out is intended.

Food that is available for regular dining hall meals (“line food”) or selections from the Dining Services pack-out menu will be provided free for pack-outs. Dining Services can only meet the request for items they have in stock. Only meals that the dining hall serves may be requested as pack-out (i.e., three meals are served daily Monday through Friday and two meals daily are served on the weekend). Students pick up pack-out food at Frank prior to departure from campus.

If a student requests a pack-out but does not have any meals left for that week, their Board Plus account will be charged. If they have insufficient funds in their Board Plus account, then a meal from the following week will be used.

Student Meals with Faculty

A student-faculty meal plan has been established for the purpose of encouraging interaction between students and faculty. Under this plan, students may dine with a faculty member in any of the Pomona dining halls with no charge for the meal of the faculty member. Non-boarding students may also take advantage of this plan and need only pay for their own meals. This program has been established by providing each faculty member with a dining hall meal per week.

Faculty who dine as guests of a student are required to provide proper college identification to the checker at the beginning of the line. Other guests can pay cash at the door for meals.

Faculty and staff who speak foreign languages are invited to attend the Oldenborg Language Lunch Tables free of charge Monday through Friday as often as they wish.

Private Dining Areas

Private dining areas are located in both Frank and Frary Dining Halls. These can be reserved for student use. Students can make reservations by contacting the Office of the Campus Center at extension 18610 or via Engage (formerly Collegiate Link). There is also a private dining room in Oldenborg Dining Center, which can be reserved through the Oldenborg Center, extension 73202.

Special Events

Special dinners, such as buffets or banquets for small or large groups, may be arranged by contacting the Catering Sales Manager at 79281 at least one week in advance.