2023-2024 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jun 23, 2024  
2023-2024 Pomona College Catalog

Courses of Study

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Key to Course Listings

The College runs on a semester calendar on a course-based credit system, with one course equivalent to four semester hours or six quarter hours. The number of hours spent in class and laboratory may vary according to the subject and level of the work. Some courses meet four or five hours per week; science courses include whatever laboratory work is required and do not offer additional credit for the laboratory. Unless otherwise noted, all courses listed in this catalog are valued at one full course credit. Unless specifically noted, a course may not be repeated for credit. A maximum of eight cumulative (quarter-credit) courses (the equivalent of two courses) will count toward the 32 courses required for graduation; after the two-course equivalent limit has been reached, students may continue to enroll for cumulative courses but will not receive credit. (In such cases the courses appear with zero credit on the academic record.)

“A, B” after a course number (e.g. CHEM 001A PO , CHEM 001B PO ) denotes a course of study that is comprised of two semester-long courses where A is prerequisite to B. Otherwise, where a single letter is used, each course stands independently, but shares a common number for thematic or organizational reasons.

Two letter suffixes after a course number indicate that the course is offered by the joint Claremont Colleges intercollegiate departments of Africana Studies  (AF), Asian American Studies  (AA) or Chicana/o - Latina/o Studies  (CH).

Selected courses offered by the other Claremont Colleges are included in this catalog. They are identified by the following abbreviations preceding the course number: “CG”– Claremont Graduate University; CM–Claremont McKenna College; HM–Harvey Mudd College; PZ–Pitzer College; and SC–Scripps College.

Discipline Codes

The College uses the following codes in numbering its courses, and these codes are also referenced throughout this catalog. Course codes in use at the other Claremont Colleges are represented when relevant in the academic sections of this catalog.


AFRI Africana Studies
AMST American Studies
ANTH Anthropology
ARBC Arabic
ARHI Art History
ART Art, Studio
ASAM Asian American Studies
ASIA Asian Studies
ASTR Astronomy
BIOL Biology
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese
CHNT Chinese Literature, English Translation
CHST Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies
CLAS Classics
CSCI Computer Science
DANC Dance
EA Environmental Analysis
ECON Economics
ENGL English
FREN French
GEOL Geology
GERM German
GREK Greek
GRMT German Literature, English Translation
GWS Gender & Women’s Studies
HIST History
ID Interdisciplinary Studies
IR International Relations
ITAL Italian
JAPN Japanese
JPNT Japanese Literature, English Translation
LAMS Late Antique-Medieval Studies
LAST Latin American Studies
LATN Latin
LGCS Linguistics and Cognitive Science
MATH Mathematics
MES Middle Eastern Studies
MOBI Molecular Biology
MS Media Studies
MUS Music
NEUR Neuroscience
PE Physical Education
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
PPA Public Policy Analysis
PPE Philosophy, Politics and Economics
PSYC Psychology
REES Russian and Eastern European Studies
RLIT Romance Languages and Literatures
RLST Religious Studies
RUSS Russian
RUST Russian Literature, English Translation
SOC Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SPNT Spanish Literature, English Translation
STS Science, Technology and Society
THEA Theatre