2023-2024 Pomona College Catalog 
    Nov 30, 2023  
2023-2024 Pomona College Catalog

Asian American Studies

Professor Sharon Goto, department chair

Professors Goto, Hwang (CM), Ma3 (PZ), Sharma1 (PO), Thai(PO), Yamane3 (PZ), Yep (PZ)
Associate Professors Bahng (PO), Cheng, W (SC), Doan (CM), Honma (PZ), Junisbai (PZ), Kang (SC), Kim (SC), Liu
(SC), Lu (PO), Venit-Shelton (CM)
Assistant Professors Cheng, J (SC), Flores (HMC), Nasir (PO)
Madeline Gosiaco, academic coordinator

The Intercollegiate Department of Asian American Studies at The Claremont Colleges (IDAAS) offers a rigorous, multidisciplinary program of study that emphasizes social justice, critical thinking and innovative analysis of the history, society and cultural production of Asians in the United States, within both multiracial American and transnational contexts. The curriculum provides students with a comprehensive grounding in a range of thematic, theoretical and methodological approaches within Asian American studies. The major integrates theory and practice through community work and sustained and focused inquiry in the senior project or thesis. In consultation with an IDAAS advisor, students take core interdisciplinary courses in Asian American studies and select appropriate courses in a range of disciplines throughout the five colleges. Eleven graded courses are required for the major.


1On leave Fall 2023 2On leave Spring 2024 3On leave 2023-24


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