2022-23 Pomona College Catalog 
    Mar 01, 2024  
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Admission to Transfer Standing

Students are considered for transfer standing if they will have completed the equivalent of at least one year’s full-time college work at the time of enrollment at Pomona (a minimum equivalent of six Pomona courses). Students who will have completed less college coursework should apply for first-year standing. Students enrolled in early college or dual-enrollment programs are not usually eligible for admission to transfer standing because they have not yet graduated from high school.

Each fall, we enroll a talented group of transfer students who have attended community colleges, public and international universities, private colleges, and those who have military experience.  Pomona College is proud to partner with the Honors Transfer Council of California to assist honors community college students in the transfer process to Pomona. Applicants who have served or are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces are encouraged to contact us for special assistance through https://www.pomona.edu/admissions/apply/veteran-applicants.

In evaluating transfer applications, the Admissions Committee places considerable weight on the nature and quality of the previous college record. Where the college transcript does not clearly indicate the quality of work (e.g., a large number of Pass/No Credit courses or withdrawals), it is the applicant’s responsibility to provide supplementary information on which the Admissions Committee can base its decision. Candidates who have previously applied to Pomona College should indicate so when contacting the Office of Admissions about transferring or completing their application. 

All transfer students must spend a minimum of four semesters in full-time regular standing at Pomona in order to receive the B.A. degree; this may include study abroad. A student may not transfer more than 16 course credits toward the 32 minimum courses required to graduate. To convert credit, a four-credit, semester-long class or a six-credit, quarter-long class are the equivalent of one Pomona course. 

Please see the Transfer Credit Policy in this catalog for further rules regarding credit transfer.

Upon admission, transfer applicants are offered a preliminary credit evaluation to help inform their enrollment decision. 

The final evaluation of credits granted for work taken at other institutions is determined by the Academic Procedures Committee after the candidate has been admitted. Course credit is ordinarily transferable if: 1) the prior college or colleges is/are accredited; 2) the course carries a grade of C or better; and 3) the course is comparable to a course offered by Pomona or another Claremont College. Pomona faculty members may be consulted on the question of course equivalency, and the candidate may be asked to submit catalog course descriptions, syllabi and reading lists in addition to complete transcripts.