2018-19 Pomona College Catalog 
    May 21, 2024  
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Repeat of Courses

Degree Requirements & Academic Regulations


Some courses are identified in the catalog as repeatable for credit; students receive graduation credit and grade points each time such a course is taken, subject to the limitations described in the course description.

The majority of courses offered are not repeatable. However, students may re-take a course if they received a grade lower than the minimum grade necessary for a course in their major or to serve as a prerequisite.  If the course was passed (D- or better) the first time, students will not receive additional graduation credit (i.e. course units) for taking the course again.  However, the grades for both instances of taking the course will be averaged into the GPA.  In other words, re-taking a course does not remove the original grade, and the grade from a re-take will be averaged into the semester and cumulative grade point averages; however, additional course units will not be earned for a re-take unless the original grade was F or NC.