2018-19 Pomona College Catalog 
    May 21, 2024  
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Admissions - Instructions for Candidates Accepting Admission

Instructions for Candidates Accepting Admission

Deposit. Enrolling students are required to make a non-refundable $500 deposit (please verify amount at the Pomona website). This deposit does not apply to tuition or to room and board, but is held until a student’s graduation or withdrawal from the College. At that time, any outstanding bills or charges are deducted and any balance is refunded unless part or all of the deposit has been forfeited by withdrawal after established deadlines. No refund will be made to candidates who accept admission and withdraw after the freshman reply date of May 1 or the transfer reply date of June 1 for fall admission.

Supplementary Transcript. An official transcript reporting final grades must be filed as soon as possible after the close of the last term. It should include a statement of graduation or honorable dismissal. Please note that all offers of admission are conditional, upon review of final grades. Students who do not submit final transcripts by July 1 for the fall term will be unable to enroll.

Housing Form, Emergency Contact Form, Family Contact Information Form. Housing assignments are based on the information provided by new students on the Housing Form. The Contact Information forms ask for information needed for future mailings regarding orientation, registration, medical services, housing and billing.

Medical Certificate. An entering student must submit by August 1 a medical examination report on a form furnished by the College, including the results of a tuberculin skin test or chest X-ray within the preceding six months and active immunization against tetanus. Without them, enrollment cannot be completed.