2012-13 Pomona College Catalog 
    May 23, 2018  
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English Major

Requirements for the Major in English

The major requires eleven courses.

  1. English ENGL 067 PO . This introductory seminar acquaints students with certain historical, theoretical and methodological dimensions of literary study in relation to a topic chosen by the professor. The course is a prerequisite for the advanced studies seminar (ENGL 170 PO ). It should be taken during the first or second year—either before or, at the latest, during the semester in which a student declares the major.
  2. One advanced studies seminar (ENGL 170A PO , ENGL 170B PO , ENGL 170C PO , etc.). Students must take ENGL 067 PO  before taking ENGL 170 PO . Majors are advised to take it during their junior year.
  3. The senior exercise. Takes one of two forms. Students who choose to write a senior thesis take the two-semester ENGL 191 PO  (Senior Thesis). Those who elect not to write a thesis take a second 170-seminar series during either semester of senior year and register concurrently for the non-credit ENGL 190 PO  (Senior Exercise/Seminar Option). In exceptional cases, the department may permit a student to replace one English advanced studies seminar (170-series) with an advanced seminar in another department or program. All senior majors will present senior exercise research—either a portion of the senior thesis or written work produced for the second 170-series seminar taken—at the Department Symposium toward the end of spring semester.
  4. Eight additional courses. In consultation with the advisor, each major will select eight additional courses from the English department offerings. Students may petition to have one or sometimes two courses from outside the English Department count toward the fulfillment of this eight-course requirement. Such petitions must make clear why the course or courses in question are essential to the student’s intended path through the major.  Note:  Only two creative writing courses (from the ENGL064 and/or ENGL183 series) may be counted toward major requirements.

The Pass/No Credit (P/NC) grading option is allowed only by petition to the department chair. With rare exceptions, two P/NC courses are allowed for the major.

Creative Writing Emphasis

An emphasis in creative writing requires that the student:

  1. complete a course in the ENGL183 series, “Advanced Creative Writing”;
  2. with permission of a creative-writing faculty member, submit a portfolio of creative work in the senior year, to be evaluated by the creative writing faculty; and
  3. participate in a public reading during the senior year.

The portfolio must be accompanied by a brief, reflective introduction; students are required to leave a bound copy of the portfolio with the department. The portfolio and public reading entail neither credit nor grade; their content is at the discretion of the student, in consultation with a creative-writing faculty member.