2012-13 Pomona College Catalog 
    Dec 19, 2018  
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ASTR 101 PO - Techniques in Observational Astrophysics

CrsNo ASTR101 PO

When Offered: Each fall.

Instructor(s): P. Choi

A course emphasizing techniques of visual, photographic and electronic observations of astronomical objects. Discussion of infrared and radio astronomy, as well as space-based UV and X-ray astronomy. Includes preparation for and data reductions of observations. Also includes original astronomical observations using both the Brackett Observatory and the one-meter telescope at Table Mountain. Prerequisites: PHYS 101 PO (can be taken concurrently); and ASTR 051 PO  or ASTR 062 PO . Offered jointly with Harvey Mudd and Joint Sciences. (Astronomy)

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