2023-2024 Pomona College Catalog 
    Feb 23, 2024  
2023-2024 Pomona College Catalog

Japanese Major

Japanese Major Requirements

Study abroad. Majors are strongly encouraged to participate in a semester or a year-long study-abroad program in Japan. The programs endorsed by this department are the International Christian University program in Tokyo and the Associated Kyoto Program at Doshisha University in Kyoto. Participation in certain other programs may be permitted upon consultation with the Japanese coordinator and approval of the Japanese faculty.

Courses. All courses for the major must be taken for a letter grade.

Oldenborg. All majors are encouraged to reside in Oldenborg Center for at least one year.

  1. Eight upper-division courses, including the following:
    1. JAPN 111A PO  and JAPN 111B PO  
    2. Six additional course credits from among the 120-level and 130-level JAPN courses, the JPNT courses, and courses on Japan other than those with a JAPN or JPNT prefix. No more than one course credit may be from outside the JAPN and JPNT courses. CHNT 180 PO  may count as such a course outside JAPN and JPNT if the text chosen for translation is approved by the Japanese Section. For a list of approved courses from outside JAPN and JPNT or to request approval for a particular course, please see the Japanese coordinator.
  2. Senior Project: Guided research on selected topics in the final year, either (a) a one-semester Senior Research Paper (JAPN 192 PO ) or (b) a two-semester Senior Thesis (JAPN 191 PO  each semester).