2022-23 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jul 22, 2024  
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Linguistics Major

The linguistics major is composed of 10 courses, plus the senior exercise.

All linguistics majors take the senior seminar, which includes writing a senior seminar paper. Students who wish to write a senior thesis may apply to do so. Senior thesis project proposals are evaluated by the faculty at the end of the senior seminar. If approved, thesis students will continue their work from the senior seminar and take the thesis course in the spring semester to complete their thesis.

Requirements for the Major in Linguistics

  1. Introductory course: LGCS 010 PO  
  2. Required Courses:
  1. Methods Courses: One of the following three courses
  1. An LGCS advanced linguistics course numbered above LGCS160
  2. Either one additional methods course, or one additional advanced LGCS linguistics course
  3. Three additional courses; options include linguistics courses at any level at the 5Cs, LGCS 011 PO , and study abroad courses in linguistics (for which credit is requested by petition to the department)
  4. Senior exercise (two-semester thesis optional)
  • All senior majors take LGCS 190 PO  (Senior seminar in Linguistics) in the fall, which includes a senior seminar paper. This satisfies the senior exercise requirement.
  • Students may optionally petition the department to expand on their senior seminar project in a second semester; students who are approved to do so take LGCS 191 PO  in the spring semester.