2020-21 Pomona College Catalog 
    Feb 05, 2023  
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Psychological Science Major

Requirements for the Major in Psychological Science

  1. Introduction to the major. Provides a broad introduction to methods and perspectives of psychological science: PSYC051 PO - Introduction to Psychological Science  
  2. Research design and statistical methods in psychological science (two course sequence):
    1. PSYC157 PO - Research Design and Methodology in Psychological Science with Lab  
    2. PSYC158 PO - Introductory Statistics for Psychological Science with Lab  
  3. Two laboratory courses from PSYC143 PO - Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience with Lab PSYC154 PO - Social Psychology with Lab , PSYC160 PO - Cognitive Psychology with Lab , or PSYC162 PO - Memory and Language with Lab .
  4. Culture, ethnicity and psychology requirement. One course from among the following: PSYC084 CH - Psychology of the Chicanx Latinx Experience ; PSYC125 AF - Culture & Human Development: The African Diaspora ; PSYC150 AF - Psychology of the Black Experience ; PSYC153 AA - Asian American Psychology PSYC180N CH - Seminar in Latinx Mental Health   
  5. Electives. Three courses, PSYC176 PO - The Psychology of Health and Medicine ; PSYC108 PO - Child Development ; PSYC123 PO - Language Development ; PSYC135 PO - Personality Psychology PSYC137 PO - Psychology of Addictive Behaviors PSYC140 PO - The Social Brain ; PSYC131 PO - Psychological Disorders ; PSYC141 PO - Human Neuroscience ; PSYC156 PO - Industrial/Organizational Psychology ECON130 PO - Behavioral Economics . Appropriate courses from other psychology departments in The Claremont Colleges may be used to meet elective requirements. The electives are intended to ensure a breadth of knowledge and prevent premature specialization. Some courses in the 189 A-Z series will also fulfill this requirement; such courses will not have “Seminar” in the title. Consult with your advisor.
  6. Advanced Seminar. One advanced seminar from the 180 A-Z series. (PSYC 180A PO , PSYC 180B PO , PSYC 180C PO PSYC 180G PO PSYC 180H PO PSYC 180M PO , PSYC 180N CH , PSYC 180O PO , PSYC 180W PO ). The advanced seminar is designed to provide depth in theory and methodology. Students are encouraged to take a seminar by the end of the junior year. Some courses in the 189 A-Z series will also fulfill this requirement; such courses will have “Seminar” in the title. Consult with your advisor.
  7. PSYC 180N CH  can be used to satisfy either the culture, ethnicity and psychology requirement or the seminar requirement.
  8. Senior Exercise:
    1. In the fall of the senior year, students take PSYC 190 PO  (an integrative course) and a section of PSYC 190R PO  (senior research leading to the senior thesis).
    2. PSYC 191 PO  - Senior Thesis, taken in the spring of the senior year.
  9. Further recommendations for majors:
    1. develop a program of research and conduct independent or collaborative research
    2. seek out field placements and work experience in clinical and applied settings
    3. plan your schedule so that you can take advantage of study abroad opportunities
    4. take core courses as early as possible
    5. take more than three electives
    6. sample psychology courses elsewhere at The Claremont Colleges
    7. take the advanced seminar in the junior year in the planned area of the senior thesis
    8. take more than one advanced seminar
    9. take additional courses in mathematics, biology and other scientific fields. Students should consult with their advisor for the most appropriate course selection.

All courses for the major must be taken for a letter grade.