2011-12 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jan 28, 2023  
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Theatre Major

Requirements for the Major in Theatre

Theatre majors may choose one of the following emphases; general theatre, performance, design or dramaturgy/playwriting (history, theory and dramatic literature).

  1. Core courses
    1. A course in the THEA001 series; or THEA 004 PO - Queer Theatre Activism .
    2. THEA 002 PO - Visual Arts of the Theatre .
    3. One course in mime, modern dance and/or ballet: THEA 013 PO - Corporeal Mime  or THEA 014 PO - Corporeal Mime and Pedagogy ; or DANC 010 PO  and/or DANC 012 PO . (This requirement may be met by one full credit course, or a combination of two half-courses, which can be in a single subject, or spread out among two of the three above.)
    4. THEA 020A PO  or THEA 020B PO - Theatre Crafts: Lighting and Sound .
    5. Two of THEA 110 PO , THEA 111 PO , THEA 112 PO  and THEA 113 PO  sequence and one of the 115-series (Theatre History and Dramatic Literature).
    6. THEA 188 PO  (spring semester)
    7. Four production crew assignments by graduation: THEA 052C PO  or THEA 052H PO .
  2. Additional Required Courses
    1. General theatre emphasis: Completion of all core courses listed above plus THEA 190 PO - Senior Seminar .
    2. Performance emphasis: THEA 012 PO - Acting Shakespeare ; THEA 017 PO - Make-up  (half-course); and three courses in advanced acting: three of the 100 series, or two of the 100 series; and performing a lead role in one of the department’s major productions (THEA 199); (This second option requires approval of the faculty as whole); one-half course or the equivalent Alexander Technique (THEA 053C PO ); one-half course or the equivalent Voice for the Actor (THEA 054C PO ) plus THEA 190H PO - Senior Seminar  and THEA 191H PO - Senior Thesis .
    3. Design emphasis: THEA 017 PO - Make-up  (half-course); THEA 020A PO ,THEA 020B PO - Theatre Crafts: Lighting and Sound , (whichever course not taken as part of core requirements above); THEA 080 PO - The Scenographic Imagination ; THEA 081 PO - Costume Design ; THEA 082 PO - Lighting Design: The Magic of Theatrical Light ; and THEA 193H PO  One crew assignment required as part of the core above must be as an assistant designer to a member of the permanent faculty in the area or areas of the student’s planned senior project. This requirement is a prerequisite for the Senior Project in Design.
    4. Dramaturgy/playwriting emphasis: Any two of the 110-113 sequence and/or the 115-series not already taken as part of the core requirement. All Dramaturgy students must take THEA 115D PO - Theatre and Dance of Asia . Pre-approved courses in other departments may be used in fulfilling these requirements. THEA 170 PO ; THEA 141 PO - Dramaturgy  (a half-credit); one half-credit crew assignment as either an assistant director or a stage manager for a faculty-directed production (THEA 052H PO  or an independent study) and   

Academic credit is available for students involved in performance and/or production activities under faculty supervision. (See THEA 051C PO  and THEA 051H PO - Theatre Performance and Pedagogy , and/or THEA 052C PO  and THEA 052H PO - Theatre Production: Practicum and Pedagogy .)

Students majoring in theatre are expected to actively participate in the departmental production program, which normally includes four major productions, a dance concert and a number of student-directed productions. Theatre majors are also expected to attend workshops, lectures and other events sponsored by the department as part of their educational enrichment.

Declared theatre majors and minors must take all required courses within the department for a letter grade.