2016-17 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jul 24, 2024  
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Late Antique-Medieval Studies Major

Requirements for the Major in Late Antique-Medieval Studies (LAMS)

To complete the LAMS major, a student is required to:

The three remaining courses may be selected freely from the offerings of the Classics  Department.

No single course may be used to fulfill more than one of the above requirements.

Each student’s program should be designed as early as possible in the student’s career in consultation with one or more LAMS faculty members with a view to coherence and depth. Students are encouraged to take related courses in other departments.

LAMS students are strongly encouraged to study abroad in a LAMS friendly program.

Students who intend to pursue graduate study in a LAMS related field are advised to take courses in the modern foreign language appropriate to their specific regional interests, geographically speaking.