2016-17 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jun 21, 2024  
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Russian Major

Requirements for the Major in Russian

Russian Literature Track

Twelve courses including:

  1. RUSS 001 PO , RUSS 002 PO , RUSS 033 PO , RUSS 044 PO  or the equivalent.
  2. One survey in 19th-century literature in translation (RUST 079 PO ) and one survey in 20th-century literature in translation (RUST 080 PO ).
  3. One additional course in 19th-century literature in translation, one additional course in 20th-century literature or culture in translation and one other course from the department’s offerings.
  4. Three seminars taught in Russian (RUSS 180 PO , RUSS 181 PO , RUSS 182 PO , RUSS 183 PO , RUSS 186 PO ,  , RUSS 190 PO ).
  5. Comprehensive Examinations (RUSS 193 PO ) or a one-semester senior thesis (RUSS 191 PO ). It is essential that students consult with the faculty during the junior year regarding the senior exercise. Normally, majors are required to pass comprehensive examinations. However, students may petition to write a senior thesis in place of comprehensive examinations. The deadline for such petitions is the last day of classes in the second semester of the junior year. A Senior Thesis may be pursued in the first or second semester of the senior year and must be completed by the last day of classes of the first semester and by the end of the next-to-last week of classes of the second semester.


Majors normally reside in Oldenborg Center for one year and participate in Study Abroad. Students who complete one semester in a study abroad program in Russia may apply two courses taken in Russian literature to their Russian literature major; students who complete two semesters in a Russian program may apply for four such courses.