2016-17 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jul 12, 2024  
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Philosophy Major

Requirements for the Major in Philosophy

The Philosophy Major requires a minimum of ten courses, including:

  1. Two courses in Metaphysics & Epistemology & Science: PHIL 030 JT , PHIL 080 PO , PHIL 081 PO , PHIL 103 PO , PHIL 104 PO , or PHIL 106 PO  
  2. Two courses in Values: any course numbered PHIL 031 PO -PHIL 038 PO  
  3. Two courses in History: PHIL 040 PO , PHIL 042 PO  or PHIL 043 PO  
  4. One course in Logic: PHIL 060 PO  
  5. One Seminar: any course numbered PHIL185  PO-PHIL186  PO
  6. One additional course (any area and any number)
  7. The Senior Exercise, PHIL190 PO - Senior Literature Review ; also serves as preparation for PHIL191 PO - Senior Thesis , which is optional.

 It is recommended that philosophy majors complete their breadth requirements (1-4 above) before the senior year.

Other Information

Students interested in graduate study in philosophy are strongly recommended to take PHIL042 PO - History of Modern Philosophy , PHIL040 PO - Ancient Philosophy  and PHIL031 PO - Ethical Theory: Ancient to Early Modern . Reading knowledge of French, German, Greek or Latin is an asset for graduate study. For more specific information concerning particular graduate programs, consult members of the faculty.