2016-17 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jun 24, 2024  
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Music Courses

Theory of Music

Satisfying GE Area 6 through partial-credit courses in Music

The Music Department offers a range of courses for 0.25 or 0.5 credits per semester that may be used in combination to satisfy the 1.0 credit requirement for GE Area 6, Creation and Performance of Works of Art and Literature. The GE Area 6 requirement may be satisfied by amassing (at least) 1.0 credit in Instruction in Applied Music, or by amassing (at least) 1.0 credit in Performance Ensembles. Combining courses from both categories to reach a total of 1.0 credit does not satisfy the requirement.

Performance of Music: Individual and Class Instruction

Students may enroll for instrumental or vocal study in the Music Department. Lessons may be terminated by the instructor, after fair warning, for unsatisfactory preparation or attendance. When lessons must be missed, students should notify the instructor as far in advance as possible. Students studying privately are expected to participate regularly in the appropriate performing organizations to the full extent of their ability.

Credit is granted for courses in private music instruction. Weekly half-hour lessons earn one-quarter course credit. Students at Level I (MUS 010 PO ) must demonstrate considerable progress after four semesters in order to continue. To be eligible for Level II lessons, students must pass a Qualifying Examination. Weekly hour lessons at Level II (MUS 100 PO ) earn a half-course credit. All enrollment for private music instruction must be made with the Music Department academic coordinator during the regular enrollment periods. (Students planning to take a qualifying examination must consult with the department academic coordinator concerning the requirements.)

Satisfying GE Area 6 through Instruction in Applied Music

All courses taken must be on the same instrument or on voice. (MUS 117 PO  does not contribute to the GE Area 6 requirement.) For students taking four semesters of 0.25 credit lessons, a Qualifying Examination, administered by the Music Department at the beginning and end of each semester, must be taken by the end of the fourth semester of lessons.

Performance of Music: Ensembles

The performing ensembles sponsored by the Music Department are open to all qualified students of The Claremont Colleges. Credit may be granted for regular attendance and participation in each ensemble. Auditions are normally held during the opening weeks of each academic year. Each ensemble may be taken for credit no more than four times (for the equivalent of two course credits); however, the course will also appear on the transcript for each subsequent semester in which it is taken for no credit.

Satisfying GE Area 6 through Performance Ensembles

For 0.5 credit ensembles with course numbers in the 30s (MUS 031 PO , MUS 032 PO , MUS 033 PO , MUS 035 PO , or MUS 037 PO ), the same course must be taken in two consecutive semesters. For 0.5 credit ensembles with course numbers in the 40s (MUS 041 PO  and all versions of MUS 042  PO), any two courses (or the same course twice) will satisfy the requirement. (MUS 040 PPO  does not contribute to the GE Area 6 requirement.)