2016-17 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jul 21, 2024  
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German Studies Major

General Requirements for the Major in German Studies

Required are ten courses numbered above GERM 033 PO . GERM 044 PO  or the equivalent and two courses from the series of courses numbering 101 through 104 are required. Five more courses must be taken from among the German program offerings; three of them taught in German; Senior Thesis (GERM 191 PO ) and Comprehensive Examination (GERM 193 PO ) count as part of these five courses. Two more courses may be chosen from a list of associated courses in the humanities or the social sciences (see here ).

As a rule, courses for either the major or the minor must be taken for a letter grade. Up to two courses in which a “pass” grade was earned are acceptable for either the major or the minor; up to three course credits from work completed on an approved study abroad program may be applied to either the major or the minor. Most Pomona German program courses taught in English are offered with a German language component (GERM 189 PO ), a one-half credit course, which may also be taken without the student being enrolled in the main course. Students may take two semesters of GERM 189 PO  (for a total of one course credit) to substitute for one of the three courses in German required for the German major or German minor; however, no more than one German course requirement can be fulfilled from multiple enrollments in GERM 189 PO .

Students must consult with faculty during the junior year regarding their senior exercise. Majors may choose a comprehensive examination (GERM 193 PO ) or a senior thesis (GERM 191 PO ). The deadline for the decision is the last day of classes in the second semester of the junior year. A thesis may be pursued in either the first or second semester of the senior year. It must be completed by the last day of classes if undertaken during the first semester, or the week before senior grades are due if undertaken during the second semester.

German studies majors are strongly urged to study abroad for at least one semester. All majors and minors are also encouraged to reside in Oldenborg Center for at least one year.