2016-17 Pomona College Catalog 
    Oct 04, 2023  
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Geology Minor

Requirements for a Minor in Geology

The Geology Minor consists of six courses.

  1. An introductory course from GEOL 015 PO , GEOL 020A PO , GEOL 020B PO , GEOL 020C PO , GEOL 020D PO , GEOL 020E PO , GEOL 020G PO , EA 055L KS , EA 100L KS  
  2. Two intermediate-level courses (take two of four): GEOL 125 PO , GEOL 127 PO GEOL 129 PO , GEOL 131 PO  
  3. Three additional geology courses from those numbered 100 and above (not to include GEOL 111A PO GEOL 192 PO  or GEOL 199IRPO )

These six courses include an introduction to the science and several core classes, giving each student the flexibility to design a minor tailored to individual needs and interests. Students may not count toward the geology minor any course used to satisfy the requirements for a major.