2022-23 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jun 19, 2024  
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Science, Technology and Society

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Professor Laura Perini, program coordinator
Steering Committee: Brian Keeley (PZ - Chair), Laura Perini (PO), Vivien Hamilton (HM), Marianne De Laet (HM), Andre Wakefield (PZ), Geoffrey Herrera (PZ), Jemma Lorenat (PZ), Nancy Williams (Keck Science), Jih-Feh Cheng (SC), Gabriel Morales (SC), Carlin Wing (SC), Richard McKirahan (PO)
Anne Tessier, academic coordinator


Science, technology and society (STS) is an interdisciplinary field that studies the conditions under which the production, distribution and utilization of scientific knowledge and technological systems occur and traces the consequences of these activities upon different groups of people. The intercollegiate program brings together courses taught in a variety of departments, and is divided into three principal disciplinary areas that are applied to science and technology: history, philosophy and social studies (anthropology and public policy analysis). Courses explore the effects of science and technology on society and culture, and vice versa. General topics include the politics of socio-technical systems; analysis of scientific methodology in terms of objectivity and rationality; the social factors involved in producing scientific knowledge and technological change; moral and policy analysis of technological systems. More specifically, courses cover topics such as concepts of health, disease and disability; the political economy of pollution; the culture of the scientific laboratory; theories of race, eugenics and genetics engineering; and social networking and the Internet.

Students majoring in STS are well prepared to pursue graduate study in related fields and also have a solid foundation for work as science journalists, policy researchers and advisors, science educators, design and business consultants and advocates of change around issues such as gender and science, renewable energy and the social effects of the information revolution. In addition, STS is an excellent academic background for students intending to pursue careers in medicine, law, business and education.

STS may be joined with public policy analysis (PPA) in the STS/PPA Major. There is also an STS/gender & women’s studies major (see the Gender and Women’s Studies  Program section of this catalog).


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