2020-21 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jun 24, 2024  
2020-21 Pomona College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG] Use the dropdown above to select the current 2023-24 catalog.


Associate Professor Lisa Anne Auerbach, department chair

Professors Allen, O’Malley1, Teixido
Associate Professors Auerbach, Mukherjee3
Visiting Assistant Professors Sarchin, van Ginhoven Rey
Tricia Avant, academic coordinator and gallery manager of Art
Tristan Marsh, sculpture safety tech

The art program at Pomona College focuses on the production of work in painting, drawing, photography, design, digital media, sculpture, performance, installation and social practice. Introductory classes cover specific disciplines and techniques, while advanced seminars guide students towards developing their own voices and areas of inquiry. Students engage artistic process as a practice informed by contemporary art, critical theory and historical precedent. The faculty work closely with art majors offering a unique mentorship experience, which fosters a deep exploration of the discipline and topic of the student’s choosing.


1On leave fall 2020  2On leave spring 2021 3On leave 2020-21


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