2011-12 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jul 22, 2024  
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Professor Stephen Marks, department chair

Professors Andrabi, Brown, Conrad, Kuehlwein, Likens, Marks, Smith
Adjunct Professor Hueckel
Associate Professors Lozano, Slavov3, Steinberger
Assistant Professors Chincarini, Cutter2, De Pace
Visiting Professor Lehman
Lecturers Bergevin, Jurewitz, Keil, O’Leary


Economics is the study of the allocation of scarce resources. It provides tools useful in diverse personal and professional activities. Students who major in economics often go on to graduate schools of economics, business, or law; or find jobs in finance, consulting, other business, the non-profit sector, or government. Students who seek work immediately after graduation find that education in economics broadens job opportunities. The department also offers a minor.

Students who take our courses learn about a wide range of forces that shape our economy and society. Our curriculum emphasizes economic theory, statistical analysis and the role of public policy in addressing economic and social problems. We teach students how to construct and test rigorous models of individual and aggregate behavior and how to interpret empirical results in the context of competing explanations. We offer a broad range of courses designed to serve the aspirations of all economics majors, as well as the intellectual purposes of the broader student body.

1On leave fall 2011 2On leave spring 2012 3On leave 2011-12

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