2011-12 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jul 24, 2024  
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Associate Professor Jennifer Perry, department chair (fall)
Associate Professor Pardis Mahdavi, department chair (spring)

Professors Bolton1, Gladney1, Thomas
Associate Professor Perry2
Assistant Professor Mahdavi
Visiting Assistant Professor Panchanathan

Anthropology is based on cross-cultural, bio-cultural and holistic approaches to the scientific understanding of human behavior and society, both past and present. The discipline, noted for its considerable theoretical and methodological diversity, encompasses four major sub-fields: social and cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, archaeology and linguistic anthropology. Moreover, the emphasis on increasing knowledge in these areas of inquiry is complemented by a strong commitment to the application of anthropological knowledge to the solving of human problems. In recent years, some graduates have pursued advanced training in anthropology and related disciplines while others have entered the professions (medicine, law and teaching) and diverse public and private sector careers. The Anthropology Major provides an excellent background for a variety of jobs and vocations.

1On leave Fall 2011 2On leave Spring 2012 3On leave 2011-12

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