MATH158 PO - Statistical Linear Models

When Offered: Each spring.
Instructor(s): A. Castillo; G. Chandler; J. Hardin
Credit: 1

An introduction to linear regression (including simple linear regression, multiple regression, variable selection, stepwise regression and analysis of residual plots, shrinkage methods, and splines) and analysis of variance (including one-way and two-way fixed effects ANOVA). Emphasis will be on both methods and applications to data. Statistical software will be used to analyze data. Prerequisites: MATH 030 PO MATH 031 PO  or MATH 032 PO  and one of: MATH 058 PO , MATH 152 PO , ECON 057 PO , PSYC 158 PO  or AP Statistics. Recommended: MATH 060 PO  .  
Satisfies the following General Education Requirement(s), subject to conditions explained in the Degree Requirements section of this Catalog:
Area 5

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