CHST136 CH - Latinx Social Movements: Identity, Power, and Resistance

When Offered: Fall 2020.
Instructor(s): A. Zimmerman
Credit: 1

Latin/o/a/xs have historically used grassroots community organizing and social movement participation to press for socio-political change. Yet, national discourse often falls back on stereotypes of Latino/as' political apathy. This class will explore competing definitions of political participation. By doing so, we will interrogate how race, gender, class, ability and community shape the rates of, and the quality of political participation and activism amongst Latino/a/x communities. While various forms of activism such as union activism, anti-war activism, student activism, and civil rights activism all have appeared within the broader category of "Latino/a" social movements, we will pay special attention to the contemporary immigrants' rights movement as exemplary of the modes of rights claiming practices that have defined Latino/a social movements historically.
Satisfies the following General Education Requirement(s), subject to conditions explained in the Degree Requirements section of this Catalog:
Area 3; Analyzing Difference; Speaking Intensive

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