PHYS101 PO - Foundations of Modern Physics with Laboratory

When Offered: Each fall.
Instructor(s): J. Hudgings; R. Mawhorter
Credit: 1

Introduction to wave mechanics, spectra and structure of atoms, molecules and solids, nuclear physics and particle physics. Prerequisites: PHYS 041 PO  and PHYS 042 PO , or PHYS 070 PO ; and completion of/concurrent enrollment in MATH 032 PO  or MATH 067 PO  and PHYS 041 PO  and PHYS 042 PO ; or PHYS 070 PO  and PHYS 071 PO .
Satisfies the following General Education Requirement(s), subject to conditions explained in the Degree Requirements section of this Catalog:
Area 4

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