2012-13 Pomona College Catalog 
    May 23, 2018  
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Linguistics and Cognitive Science Major

Requirements for the Major in Linguistics and Cognitive Science

The Linguistics and Cognitive Science major is organized by tracks that help students define and explore their interests within the field. All tracks require Linguistics and Cognitive Science LGCS 010 PO  and LGCS 011 PO , and a core Linguistics course. The linguistics track requires either the Senior Thesis or passing a comprehensive exam. The cognitive science track requires the Senior Thesis. The Senior Thesis is a two semester course that should be taken in the fall and spring semesters of the senior year. Senior thesis project proposals will be evaluated by the faculty at the end of the first semester of the Senior Thesis course and, if approved, are to be completed in the following spring semester.

Requirements for the Linguistics Track

  1. Introductory courses: LGCS 010 PO  and LGCS 011 PO 
  2. Core courses: LGCS 105 PO , LGCS 108 PO , and two chosen from LGCS 106 PO , LGCS 112 PZ , LGCS 125 PO 
  3. Three linguistics electives (an advanced course may be substituted for an elective)
  4. A Topics course in Phonology, Pragmatics, Semantics, Sociolinguistics, or Syntax
  5. LGCS 191 PO - Senior Thesis in Linguistics and Cognitive Science  or LGCS 193 PO - Senior Comprehensive Examination . The thesis will be completed in both semesters of the senior year and requires enrollment in 191 for two semesters.

Requirements for the Cognitive Science Track

  1. Introductory courses: LGCS 010 PO , LGCS 011 PO , CSCI 030 PO 
  2. Distribution Requirement: One course selected from each of (a), (b) and (c) below.
    1. LGCS 105 PO , LGCS 106 PO , LGCS 108 PO 
    2. PSYC 160 PO , PSYC 162 PO , LGCS 121 PO 
    3. PHIL 080 PO , LGCS 175 PO 
  3. Sub-concentration requirement: Three courses selected from one of the sub-concentrations below.
    1. Psychology: PSYC 108 PO , PSYC 123 PO , PSYC 160 PO , PSYC 162 PO PSYC 096 CM , PSYC 123 SC . PSYC 158 PO  is required as one of the three courses.
    2. Computer Science: CSCI 051 PO , CSCI 052 PO , CSCI 062 PO , CSCI 081 PO , CSCI 151 PO , CSCI 152 HM , CSCI 159 PO .   
  4. One seminar: LGCS 185P PO , LGCS 185S PO , LGCS 185T PO , PSYC 180H PO , PSYC 180J PO .
  5. Senior Exercise: LGCS 191 PO . Two semesters.

Students should seek advice from linguistics and cognitive science faculty about their sub-concentration courses to maximize their intellectual coherence. It is also recommended that students interested in graduate work in either of the sub-concentrations in Cognitive Science seek advice early on from the faculty concerning further courses in that field.