2012-13 Pomona College Catalog 
    May 22, 2018  
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Environmental Analysis Major

Requirements for the Major in Environmental Analysis

The major consists of three sets of requirements:

  1. An introductory core set of three courses (EA 010 PO , EA 020 PO EA 030 PO , or EA 030L JS )
  2. A concentration: There are two concentrations in EA from which a student must select one in which to develop a “course plan:”
    • Environmental Science
    • Society and the Environment

There are two options for course-plan development within any given concentration: (1) Select a pre-designed concentration or course plan. (2) Design with your advisor your own course plan, including 7 but not exceeding 11 courses total, in addition to the core and capstone courses. Individually designed course plans must show depth in some foundational discipline, or set of closely related disciplines, and must be approved by the Steering Committee.

  1. Senior Capstones:
    Seniors are required to complete:
    • The senior thesis (EA 191 PO ) in the fall semester for possible honors if the student achieves an A in the course. In special circumstances the thesis can be extended to a yearlong course.
    • The senior seminar (EA 190 PO ) in the spring.

Pre-approved Concentration Plans:

1. Environmental Science Concentration

(Advisor: Richard Hazlett)

2. Environment and Society Concentration

(Advisor: Bowman Cutter or Char Miller)


*EA 020 PO  may be substituted for by PHIL 036 PO or PHIL 037 PO ; RLST 166A PO ; GRMT 170 PO ; CLAS 175 PZ ; EA 086 PZ .


Pre-approved Course Plans:

Since its inception in 2001, EA has offered its majors a series of recommended course plans by which they could complete their major requirements. These options remain; and it is also possible for students to design their own course plan with the approval of their major advisor and the Steering Committee. The full list of pre-approved course plans and their individual requirements is posted on the program website (www.ea.pomona.edu), and includes the following possibilities:

Environmental Analysis in Geology (Advisor: Mr. Hazlett)
Environmental Biology (Advisor: Mr. Fowler)
Environmental Ethics (Advisor: Ms. Davis)
Environmental Physics and Engineering (Advisor: Mr. Tanenbaum)
Environmental Policy (Advisor: Mr. Cutter)
Human Behavior and the Environment (Advisor: Mr. Miller)
Mathematical Issues for Environmental Analysis (Advisor: Mr. Elderkin)
Race, Class, Gender and the Environment (Advisor: Ms. Clark)
Society, Development, and the Environment (Advisor: Ms. Grigsby)
Sustainability and the Built Environment (Advisor: Mr. Miller)