2020-21 Pomona College Catalog 
    Dec 05, 2020  
2020-21 Pomona College Catalog

Cognitive Science Major

Requirements for the Major in Cognitive Science

  1. Introductory courses: LGCS 010 PO , LGCS 011 PO , and CSCI 051P PO  or CSCI 051A PO  
  2. Statistics course: Any introductory statistics course
  3. Distribution Requirement: Three courses selected from the categories below, and each course must come from a different category.
    1. Linguistics: LGCS 105 PO LGCS 108 PO  
    2. Cognitive Science Methods: LGCS 124 PO , PSYC 160 PO , PSYC 162 PO PSYC 189F PO PSYC 189L PO  
    3. Philosophy of Mind: PHIL 080 PO , PHIL 030 PZ  
    4. Cognition and the Arts: DANC 170 PO MUS 091 PO , PSYC 126 PZ , PSYC 128 PZ PSYC 182 PZ  
    5. The Brain and Cognition: LGCS 130 PO LGCS 135 PO , PSYC 101 PZ PSYC 141 PO   
  4. Concentration Requirement: Three additional courses that cohere around a theme relevant to cognitive science. Because of its interdisciplinary nature, cognitive science courses are taught in many departments across the Claremont Colleges, and students can design their own concentration based on their specific interests in cognitive science. Students must get approval of their proposed concentration from the Coordinator of Cognitive Science. For some example concentrations and details about the approval process visit:
  5. One seminar (preferably taken by end of junior year): LGCS 181 PO LGCS 183 PO LGCS 184 PO LGCS 185 PO PSYC 180H PO  
  6. LGCS191 PO - Senior Thesis in Linguistics and Cognitive Science . The thesis will be completed in both semesters of the senior year and requires enrollment in LGCS 191 PO  for two semesters.

Additional LGCS courses not listed above that can be useful in designing your own concentration include: LGCS 121 PO   and LGCS 129 PO  . For suggested courses in other departments, visit: https://research.pomona.edu/lise-abrams/cognitive-science-major/coursework/