2019-20 Pomona College Catalog 
    Oct 23, 2019  
2019-20 Pomona College Catalog

Sociology Major

Requirements for the Major in Sociology

Ten courses: SOC 051 PO , SOC 102 PO SOC 104 PO SOC 154 PO SOC 157 PO SOC 190 PO  and four sociology electives, are required for the sociology major. Generally, students take SOC 051 PO  early in their programs; SOC 102 PO  and SOC 104 PO  in the sophomore or junior year; SOC 154 PO  and SOC 157 PO  in the junior year; and SOC 190 PO  in the senior year. Core courses must be taken at Pomona and all required courses must be taken for a letter grade. At least three sociology electives should be taken at The Claremont Colleges. Exceptions will be by department chair approval only. Students majoring in sociology are required to have a sociology advisor.

Requirements for the Major in Sociology and Public Policy Analysis

The Sociology/Public Policy Analysis Major is offered in conjunction with the Public Policy Analysis Program. This major is designed to combine the core areas of sociology with practical experience in the formation and implementation of policy, includes an internship thesis sequence. A five-course public policy sequence, three-course internship-thesis sequence; and SOC 051 PO , SOC 102 PO SOC 104 PO SOC 154 PO SOC 157 PO , and three sociology electives, are required.

(See public policy analysis section  for course requirements.)

Requirements for the Major in Sociology and Gender & Women’s Studies

In conjunction with the Gender & Women’s Studies Program, there is a joint major in Sociology/Gender & Women’s Studies that combines the core curriculum in sociology with perspectives on women and gender, including interdisciplinary approaches.
Four core gender & women’s studies courses, one course in feminist theory, three electives in GWS, SOC 051 PO , SOC 102 PO SOC 104 PO SOC 154 PO , SOC 157 PO ; and three sociology electives are required.