2011-12 Pomona College Catalog 
    May 25, 2018  
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Japanese Minor

Requirements for a Minor in Japanese

A minimum of six courses; normally JAPN 051B PO , JAPN 111A PO , JAPN 111B PO , two Japanese literature courses in English and one additional upper-division course in either English or Japanese. JAPN 124 PO , JAPN 125 PO  and JAPN 131 PO  can be substituted for the literature courses in English. JAPN 124 PO  and JAPN 125 PO  can be repeated for credit. All courses for the minor must be taken for a letter grade.

If students place into the JAPN 111A PO  level or above, they will be required to complete a different configuration of six courses (to be approved by the department) in order to satisfy the requirements for a minor in Japanese.