2017-18 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jul 16, 2018  
2017-18 Pomona College Catalog

Theatre Major

Requirements for the Major in Theatre

  1. Core course requirements (six credits)
    1. One course in performance: any course in the THEA001  PO series or THEA 012 PO .
    2. One course in design: THEA 002 PO .
    3. Two courses in theatre history/dramatic literature: THEA 030 PO , THEA 031 PO , THEA 113 PO  or THEA 141 PO .
    4. One course in theatre technology: THEA 021 PO , THEA 022 PO , THEA 023 PO , THEA 024 PO  or THEA 025 PO .
    5. One course (or the equivalent) in movement: THEA 013 PO  or THEA 014 PO , and/or any studio course taught by the Pomona College Dance Program or the Scripps College Dance Department. (This requirement may be met by one full credit course, or a combination of two half-courses, which can be in a single subject, or spread out among two of the three above.)
    6. Junior Seminar (one course or equivalent in credit). THEA 188 PO  
  2. Electives (two courses or equivalent in credit). Any combination of full or half-credit courses not taken as part of the core requirements above.
  3. Senior Exercise (one full credit). THEA190 PO - Senior Research and Colloquium  taken in the fall semester (half course), THEA191H PO - Senior Thesis  or THEA192H PO - Senior Project , taken in the fall or spring semester (half courses). Senior projects may be in Performance, Design, Directing, Writing for the Stage or Production Dramaturgy. The faculty as a whole must approve each senior exercise no later than the end of the junior year. Some senior projects will have specific electives as prerequisites.
  4. Three production crew assignments. Academic credit for this work is available but not required. See THEA 052C PO  and THEA 052H PO .

Students majoring in theatre are expected to actively participate in the departmental production program. Theatre majors are also expected to attend workshops, lectures and other events sponsored by the department as part of their educational enrichment.

Declared theatre majors must take all required courses within the department for a letter grade.