2016-17 Pomona College Catalog 
    Dec 05, 2020  
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Biology Minor

Requirements for a Minor in Biology

Courses required for the Biology Minor: BIOL 040 PO , BIOL 041E PO  and BIOL 041C PO , CHEM 001A PO , (or CHEM 051 PO ) and two upper-division, laboratory or field, biology courses.

With permission from the department chair, a student may receive credit toward the minor for one upper-division course completed at another Claremont college or in a study abroad program. Upper-division biology courses taken to fulfill the requirement of any major cannot also be used for the biology minor.

First-year Students
The department recommends that students interested in pursuing a major or minor in biology take the courses listed below in the first year.

Fall Semester Spring Semester
BIOL 040 PO   BIOL 041C PO  or BIOL 041E PO  
CHEM 001A PO  or CHEM 051 PO   CHEM 001B PO  (not required for the minor)


This first-year schedule is also desirable for students contemplating majors in molecular biology, neuroscience or biology/public policy analysis.