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Pomona College    
  Feb 22, 2018
2014-15 Pomona College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG] Use the dropdown above to select the current 2017-18 catalog.

Middle Eastern Studies Major

Requirements for the Major in Middle Eastern Studies

The major consists of twelve courses of which at least 6 must be numbered 100 or higher. These should comprise: two core courses in history (so as to establish a foundational discipline through which to anchor further studies on the Middle East); a 3-semester language requirement (so as to build capacity to read primary sources); four electives (so as to increase depth in one discipline, including history, and breadth across disciplines); a course in methods; a required senior seminar, to be taken in the discipline most germane to the senior thesis, under consultation with the faculty advisor; and a required senior thesis supervised by two faculty readers. This would comprise a 12-course load with the possibility of passing out of the language requirement. The program in Middle Eastern Studies, thus, provides training in foreign language study as well as an emphasis on research and writing. The flexibility of the course requirements in the program allows students with a range of different interests to tailor a path of study, best suited to their own academic and professional goals. 

  1. Two core courses drawn from: History: HIST 011 PO , HIST 042 PO , HIST 043 PO , HIST 110AKPO HIST 100WCPO , HIST 100WRPO , HIST 124 PO , HIST 140 PO , HIST 141 PO  
  2. Three semesters of Arabic: ARBC 001 CM , ARBC 002 CM ,and  ARBC 033 CM  or ARBC 044 CM . Other languages may be possible under discussion with advisor. 
  3. Four electives numbered 100 and above: Two electives in a single discipline drawn from Anthropology, History, Politics or Religious Studies; two additional electives to be chosen from courses listed as Middle Eastern Studies courses in consultation with Middle Eastern Studies advisor
  4. A course in methods, chosen from the discipline most relevant to your thesis: ANTH 105 PO ; HIST 190 PO ; POLI 190B PO  or POLI 190C PO ; RLST 180 PO . In case of overlap of the Methods course with Senior Seminar in History or Politics, select a course numbered 100 or higher in the same discipline in consultation with your advisor.
  5. Two integrative courses:  
    1. Senior seminar (190) in the discipline of your thesis in consultation with advisor; and
    2. Senior thesis (191)

Students will select at least one advisor of the two required from among Middle Eastern Studies faculty to supervise their senior thesis. The second advisor should be from the discipline of your thesis research.

Students are strongly encouraged to take a semester studying abroad in the Middle East. For instance, Pomona College currently offers study abroad options in Morocco, Jordan and Israel; Pomona College students have also studied abroad with SIT programs in Egypt, Yemen and Turkey.

Courses taken abroad may be submitted for credit towards the major/minor.