2013-14 Pomona College Catalog 
    Jun 24, 2018  
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Middle Eastern Studies Minor

Requirements for a Minor in Middle Eastern Studies

 The minor in Middle Eastern Studies consists of eight courses:

  1. Three core courses, one each to be selected from three of the following four disciplines:
    1. Anthropology: ANTH 025 SC , ANTH 087SC ANTH 130 PO .
    2. History: HIST 011 PO , HIST 042 PO , HIST 043 PO HIST 110AKPO , HIST 100WCPO HIST 100WRPO HIST 124 PO HIST 140 PO HIST 141 PO .
    3. Politics:146 (PZ)
    4. Religious Studies: RLST 021 CM , RLST 037 CM RLST 128 PO , RLST 129 CM , RLST 133 PO , RLST 135 CM , RLST 148 PO , RLST 149 PO , RLST 163 CM , RLST 164 PO , including PHIL 084 PZ .
  2. Three electives numbered 100 or higher, from courses listed as Middle Eastern Studies courses, in consultation with a Middle Eastern Studies advisor. One of these courses must increase breadth of coverage, while the other two must be selected for disciplinary depth.
  3. Through the second semester of college-level instruction in Arabic, or another language if offered, such as Persian, Turkish, Hebrew, Punjabi, Urdu/Hindi, Gujarati, Tajik, Armenian, and others, under consultation with the advisor.

As with the major, a semester studying abroad in the Middle East is highly recommended.