2013-14 Pomona College Catalog 
    Apr 23, 2018  
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Theatre Minor

Requirements for a Minor in Theatre


  1. Core Requirements (5 credits)
    1. One course in performance: THEA 001A PO , THEA 001C PO , THEA 001E PO , THEA 001F PO THEA 007 PO , or THEA 008 PO .
    2. One course is design: THEA 002 PO .
    3. One course in theatre history/dramatic literature: THEA 030 PO  or THEA 031 PO 
    4. One course (or the equivalent) in movement: THEA 013 PO  or THEA 014 PO , and/or any studio course taught by the Pomona College Dance Program or the Scripps College Dance Department. (This requirement may be met by one full credit course, or a combination of two half-courses, which can be in a single subject, or spread out among two of the three above.)
    5. One course in theatre technology: THEA 021 PO THEA 022 PO THEA 023 PO , or THEA 024 PO .
  2. Elective (1 credits).  Any combination of full or half-credit courses not taken as part of the core requirements above.  Majors are encouraged to take at least one theater elective containing a community engagement component.
  3. Production Crew Assignments (2).  Academic credit for this work is available but not required.  See THEA 051C PO  and THEA 051H PO , and/or THEA 052C PO  and THEA 052H PO ).

Declared theatre majors and minors must take all required courses within the department for a letter grade.