2012-13 Pomona College Catalog 
    May 23, 2018  
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Public Policy Analysis

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Professor David Menefee-Libey, coordinator
Steering Committee: Eleanor Brown, David Menefee-Libey, Richard Worthington3

Pomona’s Program in Public Policy Analysis (PPA) combines the broad and disciplined foundation of a liberal arts curriculum with the hands-on, problem-focused approach of policy studies. The 216-hour policy-related internship and thesis capstone sequence integrates practical experience with the knowledge base of a science or social science discipline so that students can analyze and affect an important public issue. The program offers 11 majors combining policy analysis with social or natural sciences (faculty liaisons in parentheses): anthropology (Mahdavi), biology (Hanzawa), chemistry (Grieman), economics (Brown), environmental analysis (Cutter), geology (Reinen), physics (Penprase), politics (Menefee-Libey), psychology (Buriel), sociology (Grigsby), and science, technology and society (Worthington). Students who complete the four required components listed below will be considered to have met the requirements for majors in, for example, economics/public policy analysis. Interested students must contact the program’s associate director and preferably declare the major by the end of their sophomore year. The student’s academic advisor must be in the participating department.


1On leave fall 2012 2On leave spring 2013 3On leave 2012-13


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