2017-18 Pomona College Catalog 
    Apr 20, 2019  
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Africana Studies

Professors Harris (PZ), Lytle (PO), Roberts (SC), Shelton (CM), Walker (SC), Weekes (PO)
Associate Professors Aitel (CM), Bonaparte (PZ), Daut (CGU), Hurley (PO), Mayes (PO), Smith (PO), Thomas
3 (PO)
Assistant Professors Daut (CGU), Soliman (SC), K. Thomas (PZ), Traoré (PO)
Sonya Young, academic coordinator


The Intercollegiate Department of Africana Studies offers a multidisciplinary curriculum that examines the experiences of people of the African diaspora from a liberal arts perspective. Courses accommodate the needs of majors and non-majors, providing significant preparation for careers in education, social work, public policy, law, medicine, business, international relations and advanced research.


1On leave fall 2017 2On leave spring 2018 3On leave 2017-18


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