2013-14 Pomona College Catalog 
    May 24, 2018  
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International Relations

Professor Pierre Englebert, program coordinator
Steering Committee: Beck, Boduszynski, Crighton1, Englebert, Haddad
Evelyn Khalili, academic coordinator

The International Relations (IR) Program focuses on conflict and cooperation in the international system, examining issues of the global political economy, environment, trade, migration, interstate and civil war, and human health and development. This focus on the process of globalization at the systemic level is complemented by an additional focus on the study of regions—their languages, histories, cultures and position in the global context. The program’s emphases on globalization and regional studies are supported by requirements in modern language and study abroad. These experiential aspects of the program introduce insight and empirical richness to the study of international society.

The goal of the International Relations Program is to develop in students the ability to think analytically and independently about the structural features of global society. Graduates are prepared for a variety of postgraduate professional and academic degree programs. Career possibilities include government service, law, business, non-governmental advocacy, journalism, teaching and research. 

1On leave fall 2013 2On leave spring 2014 3On leave 2013-14


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